Design Possibilities for Custom Plantation Shutters

Hunter Douglas plantation shutters are a simple way to add effortless class and eye catching beauty to your windows and home. Plantation shutters are bold; they make a statement within your home décor rather you use them as a focal point in your design or choose to have them blend with your room. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, plantation shutters are an energy efficient window treatment that function simplistically enough for even a minimalist feel. From the colors, to shutter styles, to operation systems, every aspect of your shutter can be used as a design element. Let Little’s Custom Blinds & Shutters show you the design possibilities for custom plantation shutters.

Color Choices

The colors you choose for your plantation shutters is incredibly important because it will determine how your shutters are perceived in your décor. If you want your shutters to blend with your décor, choose a neutral paint color or a light to medium stain that matches with the other tones in you room. Matching your shutters to your paint color is also a good way to add a unique element to your room because while your shutters may be the same color as everything else on your wall, the texture and appearance of the shutters when they are open will give your décor a touch of subtle style. If you want your shutters to be an eye-catching point of your décor, go bold with your color selection. Black, dark stains, or bold colors on your shutters will grab attention and can help bring life to an otherwise boring room. Match your shutters to accent colors in your room, or choose tones that are in the dame color family to make your design feel inclusive. Custom plantation shutters can also be stained the exact color of existing wood baseboards or cabinetry or to coordinate with wood accents in your décor.

Operation Systems

An easy way to add style with your plantation shutters is with your choice of operation system. Plantation shutters can operate in many ways, all of which will add a different feel to your décor. Hinged panels allow you to open your plantation shutters wide for an un-obscured view out of your window, but the shutter will remain visible against your wall. The Bi-fold Track system connects up to six panels of shutters to a top track so you can push the shutters out of the way until they are only slightly visible on the sides of your windows. There is also a Bypass Track system that allows you to slide your plantation shutters on top of one another as you move them. Lastly, the stationary operation system gives you control with a wand so you can adjust the louvers per your lighting needs.

Shutter Styles

The style of plantation shutter that you choose is an essential design element within your room. Cafe style places your shutters half way down your window, leaving the top half open for maximum light. This style is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms and will add charm to your décor. Tier on tier plantation shutters cover your whole window but utilize independent panels on top and bottom for excellent light adjustment. These panels can be stationary or hinged and still function separately from the top or bottom. Plantation shutters can be positioned in many ways on your window and add a unique accent within your décor depending on what you choose. Best of all custom plantation shutters are made to order and guaranteed to fit even odd shaped windows perfectly.

If you have more questions about the design possibilities of your custom shutters, contact Little’s Custom Blinds & Shutters today!