Are Patio Screen Shades Right for Your Home?

Temperature extremes during the seasons can put a cramp in your entertaining schedule – it can be a real challenge to use any outdoor space. Equipping your home with custom exterior screen shades will help to normalize the temperature during those extreme days. Whether you invite friends over for drinks on the porch or plan a quiet romantic dinner, your screen shades will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of temperature all year round. At Little's Custom Blinds & Shutters in Brunswick, Georgia, we offer a wide range of Hunter Douglas products and custom treatments. Our professionals in Southeast Georgia can help you choose just the right patio screen shades and treatments for your project.

A Comfortable Space

Whether it is the sun beating down or if the winds are freezing and intense, the weather affects the comfort of your outdoor space. The use of custom exterior shades can help you use that space to recharge and relax all year round. They allow you to make the most of that space with your investment. They will not only make your home look amazing, but they will also make the space more comfortable and livable by insulating it somewhat from the elements.

An Investment

At Littles Custom Blinds & Shutters, we offer a variety of high-quality Hunter Douglas exterior shades. These shades provide added outdoor sun protection and much more. Our Hunter Douglas screen shades offer light control for both outdoor and indoor applications. They minimize glare, reduce heat, and protect your furnishings and your guests from unwanted UV rays. The benefits of these treatments make them a perfect choice for any patio or sunroom.

Exterior shades can block cold, heat, wind and light. Since they can be customized, the homeowner has control of how much or how little to let into the space. There are many custom options to choose from, including the option of motorization which is helpful if you are using them in a hard to reach area. We offer a wide selection of materials and fabrics to choose from as well, with styles that offer varying degrees of openness for your space. We would be glad to consult with you on your needs and offer recommendations, so simply contact us at your convenience.

State of the Art Technology

We pride ourselves on providing state of the art products and services to our customers. One of the options that we offer on many of our products will greatly simplify your life. Imagine a window treatment that adjusts itself automatically and can anticipate what the homeowner wants.

Changing the atmosphere of the space depending on the time of day – creating different ambiances from morning to night. That is exactly what the Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization (recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award) allows you to do with your custom treatments. This system allows you to control how much light is let in, which greatly affects the temperature in the space, via the internet with the PowerView® app on your smartphone or tablet. You can control your treatments via any device at any location, which making your life easier.

Enjoy that Outdoor Space

At Little's Custom Blinds & Shutters we want to help you enjoy your outdoor space to its full potential. We pride ourselves on helping customers in Southeast Georgia including Brunswick, Darien, Harris Neck, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Brantley, Eulonia, Shellman's Bluff, Kingsland, St. Mary's, Glynn, Camden, and McIntosh Counties along with the surrounding areas.