How to Style Your Patio Screen Shades

Outdoor areas are not just for soaking up the sunshine, often they are a place to relax and sit in a nice shady spot where you are protected from the sun’s damaging rays. There are many ways to restrict or allow the sunshine into your outdoor space. Your options range from building new structures or enhancing your existing pergola or patio by adding screen shades. At Little's Custom Blinds & Shutters in Brunswick, Georgia, we can help you make those choices as we offer a variety of Hunter Douglas options to compliment your home. Our professionals serving Southeast Georgia can help you with patio screen shades and help you work through your options.

Sail Away

The sail shade is one option to consider. The sail shade consists of a triangular piece of fabric cut to fit the desired size and then is fastened at the corners with eyelets. Often a strong rope or twine attach the shades to poles, trees or the side of the house. Sail shades can be created in various fabrics, colors and patterns to help you get just the right look you desire while providing a nice shaded space.

Floating Screens

Another option that many homeowners use are floating screens. These screens are often made of bamboo panes that look like they are floating. They allow light to pass through while still providing a shaded, cooler area.


A less expensive option to consider is using curtains with wire or rope along grommets on the edge of the material on a pully system. This treatment allows you to have a retractable roof over your space allowing you to either let the sun in or create shade as desired.


Shades are always a great choice for decorating and creating a pleasant atmosphere for your outdoor space. Using wooden shades can help to maintain the outdoorsy feel while allowing you to bring an indoor decorative flair to the area.

Lattice Panels

Lattice can also be used to create a panel to create shade. They look beautiful because they allow light through and can be used to allow plants to grow through them. Lattice panels with plants twining around them create a peaceful ambiance for any lover of the outdoors.

Partial Pergola

Pergolas have long been a favorite way to create shade for an outdoor patio. However, creating a partial pergola with shades, panels, or other window treatments can create a cooler version of a classic favorite.


For partially covered decks or patios, drape length canvas or other fabric connected between joists can create shade as well as a conversation piece. Spacing out the fabric can give you a more transparent look. Adding lighting can help to illuminate the space for entertaining at night.

Basket Weaving

Weaving thin pieces of wood veneer like a basket to create a canopy that can be suspended above your outdoor dining area can be a unique way to create shading.


Canopies can be created from various materials and fabrics. Placing four posts in buckets full of cement that can be concealed inside of garden planters can be the used as the structure to secure your canopy too. Simply tie a large square of outdoor fabric to the posts.

Create the Perfect Space

No matter what you choose to create the perfect outdoor space for your home, our experts at Little's Custom Blinds & Shutters can help you as we proudly serve Southeast Georgia including Brunswick, Kingsland, Sea Island, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, Darien, Eulonia, Shellman's Bluff, Camden, Harris Neck, St. Mary's, Glynn, Brantley and McIntosh Counties along with the surrounding areas.