Types of Plantation Shutters

When it comes to choosing which type of plantation shutter is right for your home, it is important that you understand the differences between your available options. Hardwood, faux wood, and hybrid shutters are different in more than just the materials that are used. Let Little’s Custom Blinds & Shutters show you the differences between the available types of plantation shutters to help with your decision.


The Heritance® Hardwood Shutter is Hunter Douglas’ original hardwood shutter. This shutter is constructed with genuine, seasoned hardwoods that will add lasting, timeless beauty and warmth to your home. Heritance® shutters are built with Truemill® dovetail construction, one of the strongest forms of joinery in woodworking, to keep your shutter operating at peak performance for many years to come. Heritance® shutters are available in widths of 12’ to 312’, heights of 12’ to 116’, and can be specially customized to fit any shape window you may have. Heritance® shutters are available in a beautiful range of paint and stain colors that can then be repainted or re-stained whenever you want a change, which gives you the ability to customize your shutters to fit perfectly into your home decor. In addition, Heritance® shutters are finished with your choice of six durable and unique finishes for lasting beauty and shine.


Hunter Douglas’ NewStyle™ Hybrid Shutters combine the look of genuine hardwood with a mix of manmade, faux wood materials for a more durable, but just as classically beautiful, window treatment. NewStyle™ shutters feature UltraGrain™ technology, which makes them appear almost identical to traditional hardwood shutters. Like the Heritance® shutter, NewStyle® shutters are constructed with Truemill® Dovetail construction for lasting function. NewStyle® shutters are available in ten colors and are then finished with a low shine, FineTech® finish that captures the look of a genuine hardwood shutter while also making these shutters even stronger. Available in widths of 12” to 288”, heights of 12” to 116”, and the ability to be custom fit to any specialty shape window, NewStyle® plantation shutters are perfect for your home.


Lastly, Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters are the best choice if you are looking for durability. These plantation shutters, made with UV resistant, polysatin compounds, are guaranteed not to crack, warp, chip, fade, peel, or discolor, regardless of how hot or humid the weather conditions are in your area and are even tough enough to be used outdoors. In addition to their durable composition, Palm Beach™ shutters utilize aluminum bracing and resin to strengthen their joints for improved functionality. Palm Beach™ shutters are available in widths of 10” to 284”, heights of 12” to 120”, and can be custom fit to specialty shaped windows. Palm Beach™ shutters come in four neutral colors, and are finished with Duralux™ finish, which makes them dent and scratch resistant and strong enough that they will never need to be repainted, re-stained, or re-sanded.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these plantation shutters or have more questions about which type of plantation shutter is right for your home, contact the experts at Little’s Custom Blinds & Shutters today! We proudly serve Southeast Georgia including Brunswick, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island, Darien, Eulonia, Shellman’s Bluff, Harris Neck, Kingsland, St. Mary’s Glynn, Camden, Brantley, and McIntosh Counties along with the surrounding areas with the finest window treatment products and service in the area.